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Well we might not be pros at it. But that’s what’s fun! Learn our tips and tricks when it comes to making your own garden!


Our primary goal is to become an animal rescue service. While working on it we can help direct animals in need to active services!


A great place to find online resources from simple everyday blog posts to more in-depth animal fact sheets.


Join us on our travels on the travel blog! Where we post about our trips as well as other great places to checkout.

Venture Ranch Florida

Venture Ranch Florida, a future animal rescue service for in need and at-risk animals. the new site for Venture Ranch & Venture Merch! Allowing both sites to run under one simple domain name. At the current moment we are unable to take in animals, but we can try and help direct you to services that can.

New Posts

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Juvenile Southern Black Racer (Nonvenomous) Florida
This is a juvenile southern black racer (Coluber constrictor priapus) a nonvenomous snake commonly found in Florida. Their color starts to turn to black with white markings on chin and throat as they …
A Custom Portrait of Taylor
Besides the mini adventures with Taylor the mini pig, there's always lazy moments. Like this one where she rolled herself up in one of her blankets making a nest. Yep, it seems kind …
Red-bellied Woodpecker Found
Early morning rescue on a busy roadway. Flipped a U-turn for this female woodpecker (Red-bellied woodpecker) laying in the road not moving. With concerns of a possible nest nearby we decided it best …
Griffen Update
Remember the kitten we rescued, Griffen? Well he is a big boy now and is living his best life at Florida Rescue Ranch! He thinks he is a dog and he is the …
Parakeet Found in a Busy Intersection
Meet Lucky a parakeet we found on a busy Florida road. Lucky name is definitely because he is lucky alright! He had seven cars yes, seven!
Florida Bird Rescue (Black and White Warbler)
This little guy is a black and white warbler. We believe that he flew into a window as he was found on the ground below one. He was brought to us, and we …

From cookies, to breads…even homemade jams. All of our items are made to order so you know you are getting the best quality and taste we can provide!
This business was an idea created one summer day in 2022. Baking has been a hobby for most of our lives. We know what it takes to make a great cookie, cake, loaf of bread, muffin or a batch of jam. Thank you for giving us a try and we hope you enjoy your delicious treats! a future animal rescue service for in need and at-risk animals – Official Venture Ranch and Venture Merch Site. –