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Lucky Update

Today we brought Lucky (right) to the vet and of course he’s not going anywhere without his best friend Shadow (left). Yeah, that’s just not happening he’s making sure he comes along.

The past two weeks we have noticed that Lucky has not been wanting to leave the cage much and fly to his favorite spot with Shadow, even though Shadow constantly goes back and forth trying to get Lucky to follow him.

Another thing was noticed that he’s not making it completely to his favorite spot or back the cage when flying at times, needing help and being brought back to the cage. He moves around just fine and is active but there’s definitely a bit of not wanting to fly going on. Since he’s a rescue we are not completely sure of his exact age, we know he’s definitely an adult and we’re not sure if it’s just age or something else going on.

So today he went in for a checkup just to make sure everything is ok. No visible signs of injuries but he has gained a significant amount of weight since his last checkup. While his diet has not changed and it’s pretty regulated with natural food and treats (seeds) are only given every so often not constantly. We’re not completely sure why he’s holding so much weight. This could just be not enough exercise since he’s not wanting to fly around a lot or something else going on. Another thing could be his weight prevents him from flying completely across the room like he used to.

To be on the safe side, since he was a bird, we rescued out in the middle of an intersection back in January of 22, we all felt it best to do an X-ray as he has been acting a bit different and gained so much weight out of nowhere.

It came back that he has a calcification in his digestive tract. Currently he’s on medication and will be going back in the next couple weeks for a checkup as well as set for another X-ray in 6 months to see if anything has changed with its size. The hope is nothing will change with the next scan and it’s potentially just something he has and not signs of anything else going on.

The weight situation we are definitely looking into. If you have any recommendations definitely let us know.

It’s honestly crazy to think that an X-ray not counting $30 meds is over $300 each time for a bird that is typically sold locally for around $40. But in this case the goal is to make sure he’s completely cared for, after everything that’s already happened to him in the past. Shadow’s definitely not leaving his side…even when that means a trip to the vet.